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Founding NFT Members - Encore Presentations

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How To Open A Digital Wallet 
A Live NFT Event With Loral Langemeier

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What You Will Learn:

This series will help you easily understand what NFT's are, Why they are valuable, How you can get started buying and selling them, and What you need to do to get set up with the correct wallets.

NFT BASICS- What You Need To Know

Why NFT's are important and why you should learn about them now. We break this down into easy to understand knowledge with a live NFT expert. 


Our guest expert will be appearing live, showing you what to do step-by-step. Get guided step-by-step instructions allowing you to open and create the correct digital wallets needed to get started buying and selling NFT's.


Set up your digital wallet w/ Metamask, open an Openseas account, pick an exchange, and get started! Don't worry we will walk you through all of this! 

LIVE DEMOS- Screensharing Makes It Easy

We want you to be able to follow along with our experts so that it's easy for you to get started. We will be live with you, so you don't get lost or confused. 

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Setting up your Metamask account/wallet

Adding Polygon Network to Your Metamask

How to find and submit your wallet address

Where To Locate Your NFT Once Airdropped

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