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The Millionaire Lions NFT Bonus Content

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you for embarking on this extraordinary journey with us. By securing your very own piece of our unique NFT collection, you've not only embraced the frontier of digital art but have also unlocked the door to an array of exclusive content tailored just for you. In the annals of digital history, the launch of "Make Your Kids Millionaires" was a success and your participation was paramount!
This is where your adventure deepens, granting you access to a world of unparalleled content, insights, and a community that shares your passion for making, keeping and growing your Generational Wealth. We're thrilled to welcome you into this exclusive circle, where the art you own is just the beginning of the great wealth in store for you.


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New Stuff

We have added new content for our NFT holders.


Newly Added Bonus

Holders of Majestic and Noble have access to an exclusive digital copy of "The Goal Achiever" by Bob Proctor.
Released on CD in 2001 and part of Loral's personal library this program from her mentor Bob Proctor.


Digital Marketplace

Coming soon! ALL holders are invited to join us and learn how to buy and sell NFTs in the marketplace.